8 More Chapters to Go

I am quite excited about my current WIP (Work In Progress). I’ve been typing away on my iPad, working on this new story. It will be another MG (middle grade) easy-to-read book.

The main characters are wolves. Once it’s done, I’ll work on writing the back cover blurb.

The trials, Hudson, goes through are pretty trying. It was difficult writing those scenes. I look forward to hearing what readers think as they immerse themselves in Hudson’s world. Writing from an animals POV (point of view) is so much fun.

I can’t wait to type – The End (I don’t really type that, but you know what I mean.) 🙂

On a side note…

Look for news regarding Whisper Willows. I hope to release this book later this year.

Have a blessed day.

Blessings – Kimberli