Pulse of Light

Pulse of Light

The day has finally come. Pulse of Light is now available for purchase on Amazon (other venues to come).

This book is a little longer than my previous books, but it is still designed (short chapters) for young readers who don’t like to read. I hope that they immerse themselves in the adventure and get a hunger for reading.

Thanks for walking this journey with me.

My projects now are writing/illustrating a children’s book and rewriting Night into Day.

What projects are you starting or completing?

Let’s talk!

Back cover blurb:

Pratt Hunter attends Bradley Military Academy for one reason—destroy the Metronoids. The robotic aliens robbed him of his family when he was ten, and he’s angry at God for allowing it to happen. Now that Pratt’s sixteen and able to fight, he wants revenge and will achieve it—on his own.

Ivy Graham’s father has invented the machine that will neutralize the enemy. Unable to reach her father, Ivy needs to finish what he started—only she can’t do it alone. Did God put Pratt in Ivy’s life to teach her patience or show the cadet He is their only hope?

Will Pratt and Ivy be able to work together to save the earth?

Time is running out.

Amazon – https://rb.gy/sn9chr