What have I been up to?

Sorry for being quiet.

I have been busy with writing, critiques, summer vacation, cleaning my house, etc. 🙂 So…normal stuff.

Ted Dekker and Jerry Jenkins have shared their own writing programs to help writers on all levels—amateur, intermediate, and professional. They both are way out of my reach financially, but each author shared some practical tools for us to chew on. Most of the information was basic, but we need to hang on to that solid foundation.

I am working on edits for Pulse of Light. I've discovered some time conflicts, so I need to fix those before moving forward. As for my current WIP (Night into Day), I haven't submitted the final chapter to my critique group. Still working on how it will end. While I wait for inspiration, I'm also rewriting chapter 15.

I think I've shared this before, but all of my published books are for children that struggle with reading. The stories are condensed to help keep the reader interested and have a sense of accomplishment after finishing the book(s). Pulse of Light and Night into Day are a little longer. It has been a challenge to create more content. Soon it will be habit. 🙂

What have you been up to?

Keep moving forward!

Blessings – Kimberli