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If you’re looking for stories oozing with ups and downs, twists and turns. . .you’ve come to the right place. Like in life, there’s joy, excitement, trouble, and sadness. Books must be filled with the same elements. When young readers absorb the words on a page, I believe it’s important for them to be entertained. As parents, we also need to be reassured that what our children read is safe. Whether we voyage to space or visit a world of dragons, at the heart of every book I write, young readers will learn the importance of faith, family, and friendship.

Remarkable literature can be found everywhere you turn. Unfortunately, some of us have a hard time comprehending the meaning of sentences or sometimes just the mere size of a book or chapter can be overwhelming. Without sacrificing quality, my stories are condensed to provide short chapters and easy-to-read sentences. Of course there are challenge words/sentences sprinkled throughout to promote learning and prepare readers to take on stories a little more difficult.

Here you’ll also find news of upcoming releases and events. Once in a while I’ll post a review as I find it’s important to support other authors. I hope you’ll find the information helpful.

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