Is it Over Yet?

2020. Is it Over Yet?

Please continue to stand with me in prayer for those who have lost loved ones and suffer from job loss. We should never forget the regular daily hardships not related to COVID-19.

Our lives are in Your hands, Lord.

Writing. I’ve been writing and drawing. A shock, I know.

We’ve adjusted to remote learning. It will be hard for my youngest to return to in-person teaching.

Oops, back to writing.

I’ve been editing Night into Day but ran into a huge problem. Now I have to do some rewriting. While I sort things out with that story, I’ve worked on the first one-sentence outline for an anime-style story from years ago. Also, my dragon story has been floating around in my dreams.

The picture book isn’t scrapped, but it is on hold. Though I’m not consistent, I’m trying to draw every day to improve. Watching artists like WLOP and others on YouTube is so inspiring.

So, what are you working on right now?

Let’s talk.