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Tyler Davis is an average teenage boy, living an ordinary, uneventful life — until he shakes hands with the commander of the galactic battleship, Harvest One. His world is turned upside down when he accepts a mission to fly across the galaxy with a team of extraordinary teenagers. Their mission is to breach a hidden base station and rescue children raised to become ultimate soldiers. When things get too tough, Tyler must make a choice — give up and return to Earth or fight. . .even if it means his life.

Melissa’s assignment is simple — protect her home at all cost. From an early age she has trained to become a superior fighter. Everything she has learned will be put to the test when the enemy invades. When her adversary saves her life, the foundation of all she knows is shattered. Now she faces a decision of loyalty — but to which side?

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Whisper Willows (Winter 2016)

The inhabitants of Hope Forest have only one rule. Never go near Despair Woods. Ever.

Tally loves her little brother, Orin, and would do anything to protect him. When he does the unthinkable and vanishes into the darkness, she doesn’t think twice about the consequences of getting him back.

Wesley has a deep desire to help anyone in need — especially when it’s his short-tempered, yet beautiful friend, Tally. Only this time the stakes are higher and may cost him his life.

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