Let’s Get This Party Started

January is almost over already! (One more day to go.)

I’ve been busy critiquing, editing, and drawing. For Christmas, I purchased several Udemy Courses—using Procreate and drawing characters. Lots of lessons to go through, but I am learning tons. YouTube is helping me develop skills as well. I subscribe to the Art with Flo channel. She is amazing. Some of my Udemy sketches and drawings from following Flo’s tutorials and Instagram will make an appearance on this website. 🙂

ProWritingAid and Grammarly continue to help improve my writing skills. After resolving the timeframe issue with Pulse of Light, I will tackle the pronoun problem. It will be a challenge. Half the manuscript may be gone.

It would be great to get Pulse of Light in the hands of Beta readers this year, but I’m not going to rush it. A polished product is the goal.

What’s happening with you?

Let’s talk!