Too Hard to Write

My kitchen and family room are a mess. My husband wanted to take a weekend and give those two rooms a much needed facelift. Unfortunately his tools and equipment did not work correctly, which threw his whole schedule off.

I have no sink or stove. All of our food, plates, cups and glasses, etc. are everywhere.

I find it difficult to write with so much chaos around me.


This is no excuse to stop writing. I’ve decided to write in my car. It is very peaceful and quiet inside the closed garage. Maybe too peaceful…it’s a great napping place as well.

My husband will finish his kitchen/family room makeover and they will look fabulous. I look forward to sitting in my spot on the couch again.

Until then, I will keep writing. I hope you will, too. Unless you’re called to do something else, in which case you should do that.



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