Random Thoughts

I purchased Scrivener for iOS yesterday. I’ve never used the product before and had to watch some YouTube videos. It reminds me of Storyist for iOS. I will give it try and see if it works for me. This brings me to my next thought.

For the last few years, I’ve been using Pages on my iPad to write my stories. When using Word, it keeps the date in which a document is created. Pages does not do this. This is horrible. Although I love using Pages, I may have to switch to Word to keep the creation date of my manuscripts on record.

Last thought. As I was copying the chapters of my WIP from Pages to Scrivener, I realized how low the word count was in some (a lot) of the chapters. Yikes! The urge to work on them is great. But, since this is only the first draft, I have to follow my own advice and keep on writing in order to finish the story. Then I will go back and fill them full of rich words.

That’s all for today.

Praying for our world.

Blessings – Kimberli


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