Gearing up!

Writing, helping my boys with school, laundry, and other stuff…rinse and repeat!

Have you ever felt as if you don’t have time to breathe? That is how I’ve been feeling lately. It hasn’t reached an overwhelming point. God is keeping my spirit calm.

Today I was able to sell all of the books I carry around in my mobile office. That was such a blessing. I was able to use my Square credit card readers—super fun.

April will be here soon and I haven’t started the edits for Pulse of Light. I will be working with the graphic designer for the book cover in a few weeks. Yikes! Night into Day is coming along very well. Worked on a gut-wrenching scene this weekend. I am happy with it. Let’s see what my critique group says. 🙂

Time to get back at it!

Are you following the path the Lord has for you? I pray so. If not, get at it. 🙂



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