Maybe too Ambitious?

Maybe too Ambitious?

So, you know how I mentioned a few months ago that I have been trying to improve my drawing skills? Well…I was going through some older files and found several picture book stories I had written a long time ago.

I reread my favorite ones and thought, “I wonder if I could illustrate them myself.”

I worked on character concepts—that part was easy. Then I did a rough sketch of the pages. Storyboarding is also a breeze and fun. Now I am trying to do basic landscaping and designs. Yeah…this is the opposite of easy.

Professionals spend years creating impressive art, and I thought I could do it over several months. WRONG! I am NOT throwing in the towel just yet. Learning and facing challenges is how we grow and improve.

Editing Pulse of Light is my first priority, but I will continue to work on the illustrations for the picture books. The project of illustrating a picture book may be too ambitious. However, it is well worth it. If anything, whether I fail or succeed, I will grow as an artist and in patience.

What are you working on? Are you challenging yourself?

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