Waiting…It’s not easy

Update on where things are in my writing journey.

I am scheduled to work with someone for the Whisper Willows book cover in December. It seems like years away, but I know it will be here before I know it.

While I am waiting, I have been working on and submitting chapters for Night into Day to my critique group.

Pulse of Light is ready for edits, but I haven’t started working on it.

My mind is kind of in a daydream state as if another story is forming. I have no idea what it will be about.

Even though some of us are in a waiting season, we need to keep working. It’s not the time to sit around. There is work that still needs to be done.

Keep writing!


Scrivener…Where have you been all my life?!

I purchased Scrivener, a writing software, a few weeks ago. After watching lots of tutorials, I’m beginning to feel a little more comfortable using it. I am actually using it right now as I write this blog post.It was quite easy and a little bit tedious putting my manuscripts into folders, but I am so happy that I did. Using Scrivener will help me stay organized. When I’m working on a manuscript, I have my research, character sketches, and photos all in the same place. It is fabulous. Seriously.

To be honest, I have some stories to prepare for publication, but I can’t wait to start a new project so I can use the corkboard and outline to map it out.

There is one thing that is a little irritating. The Mac version has a little more to offer than the Windows version. Although I would LOVE to have a Mac, I don’t have one. Many users don’t. I hope the makers of Scrivener (Literature and Latte) will update the Windows version to match the Mac version someday…soon. 🙂

If you are a writer, please check out Scrivener.


(Literature and Latte did not pay or ask me to write this post. I am just a very happy customer.)

Random Thoughts

I purchased Scrivener for iOS yesterday. I’ve never used the product before and had to watch some YouTube videos. It reminds me of Storyist for iOS. I will give it try and see if it works for me. This brings me to my next thought.

For the last few years, I’ve been using Pages on my iPad to write my stories. When using Word, it keeps the date in which a document is created. Pages does not do this. This is horrible. Although I love using Pages, I may have to switch to Word to keep the creation date of my manuscripts on record.

Last thought. As I was copying the chapters of my WIP from Pages to Scrivener, I realized how low the word count was in some (a lot) of the chapters. Yikes! The urge to work on them is great. But, since this is only the first draft, I have to follow my own advice and keep on writing in order to finish the story. Then I will go back and fill them full of rich words.

That’s all for today.

Praying for our world.

Blessings – Kimberli

Making Progress

Things are moving along at a slow and steady pace — with my house and my writing.

I’m at a critical place with my current WIP. It has been fun writing from an animal’s POV.

My other two stories have not left my thoughts. Whisper Willows just needs minor corrections and then I need to get the book cover done. I’m not sure if it will be released this year or early next year. Pulse of Light has full edits, so that one will take a little bit longer.

Both will have to wait until I get my current WIP done. I’m not sure how other writers do it, but I can’t work on more than one project at a time. My mind gets overwhelmed. 🙂

Off to work on chapter 14.


Too Hard to Write

My kitchen and family room are a mess. My husband wanted to take a weekend and give those two rooms a much needed facelift. Unfortunately his tools and equipment did not work correctly, which threw his whole schedule off.

I have no sink or stove. All of our food, plates, cups and glasses, etc. are everywhere.

I find it difficult to write with so much chaos around me.


This is no excuse to stop writing. I’ve decided to write in my car. It is very peaceful and quiet inside the closed garage. Maybe too peaceful…it’s a great napping place as well.

My husband will finish his kitchen/family room makeover and they will look fabulous. I look forward to sitting in my spot on the couch again.

Until then, I will keep writing. I hope you will, too. Unless you’re called to do something else, in which case you should do that.


8 More Chapters to Go

I am quite excited about my current WIP (Work In Progress). I’ve been typing away on my iPad, working on this new story. It will be another MG (middle grade) easy-to-read book.

The main characters are wolves. Once it’s done, I’ll work on writing the back cover blurb.

The trials, Hudson, goes through are pretty trying. It was difficult writing those scenes. I look forward to hearing what readers think as they immerse themselves in Hudson’s world. Writing from an animals POV (point of view) is so much fun.

I can’t wait to type – The End (I don’t really type that, but you know what I mean.) 🙂

On a side note…

Look for news regarding Whisper Willows. I hope to release this book later this year.

Have a blessed day.

Blessings – Kimberli